World IA Day

Project Needs: Content Strategy, Content Model, Wireframes.

As the Global Executive Producer for 2017, our founder, Amy Espinosa has the unique opportunity to contribute her work to help support location organizers around the world. In this role, she continues the work of those before her to build a solid foundation for the community to grow and works closely with a team of dedicated volunteers to help our global celebration thrive. Having brought World IA Day to Tampa Bay, Florida in 2015 & 2016, she has helped nuture her local community to help teach, share, and shape the practice of information architecture in her own backyard.

Amy's contribution so far:

  • Organizer Guidebook
  • Domain & Content Models for Website
  • Wireframes for CMS Enhancements
  • Love and support to our location organizers

Learn more about World IA Day 2017 and the Information Architecture Institute.

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